Each product is a story, made of values, people and food. Get involved by stories that are rooted in our land, grow and take shape in our shop.

Bio-Antique® is an exclusive material of our workshop that reduces the use of solvents or chemical additives. In this way we keep support the selection and promotion of local wood, also studying and placing them in new and atypical applications.

We create it in our ovens, developing for each piece of wood a special recipe that allows us to offer the best material for our needs.

The interest to deliver to our customer the best possible product brings WARM AND WOOD to treat in detail every step of the wood spinneret not only the final one, in the carpentry, but especially in the choice of timber.

If the trunk has grown in the best conditions it will be ready to provide the best wood, but especially a plant grown in sustainably managed forests and responsible is the symbol of a particular attention to the conservation of many species of wood found in local forests.

Thanks, also, to the achievement of the PEFC certification, our company is promoting these values, offering them to the customer as an additional security for its careful work, also based on the use aware of the resources offered to us from our land.