Each product is a story, made of values, people and food. Get involved by stories that are rooted in our land, grow and take shape in our shop.

The birth of WARM AND WOOD is the natural evolution of a reality that for forty years has established itself in the local and national level of woodworking.

Falegnameria Cocco Gabriele offers a deep knowledge of the wood species and a careful production of construction products and furniture. The peculiar feature of the workshop of Monitors Vicentino is the transversal approach to the carpentry work: preserving old knowledge and integrates them with investments in new technologies, including thermo-treatment.

We create products respecting the environment and traditions. The different collections are designed with the close collaboration of the designer Andrea Francesconi, we produced them with special attention to their life cycle and the type of relationship that objects have with their users.

Our aim is to return the wood in homes, especially in the kitchen, because we firmly believe that it is an enormous natural resource and, in some cases, can become a key ingredient for the recipes themselves.